for the first time in a longtime…


I have hope. 

I have goals, and I’m working my way towards them. I have people supporting me, and helping me make my way on my journey, which helps.

I have broken up my big goal into bite sized pieces, so that I get to celebrate more often.

Lets see how it goes!


Starting Over

starting over

Its not the first time I’ve felt like I was starting over….but the last 2+ years have probably been the worst of my life.

I went to work, then went home. That’s all I could handle.

It took me a few years to get over my last relationship. It was a hurtful, painful breakup where I felt alone (more alone that I felt IN my relationship, so I guess it was well worth it in the long run)….but only 20-20 vision has let me see that.

Would I have gone back if asked? No. but that didn’t stop me feeling like i was thrown away.

I have worked my way through the fog, thanks to many of my friends who just didn’t give up on me. For them, I am so grateful. I can’t even tell them how close they came to losing me. But all that is behind me now…and now I need to “lean in” and get back on track.

TODAY is the start on my relationship with ME first and everyone else second. Today, I start doing everything for me!

here’s my stats:

211.4 lbs

Goal: 175

I have fallen down, but don’t discount me. I WILL RISE!!!

These are the last few months in this century, and I want to be able to make this change and stick to it….one step at a time! ♥