January 1st..Thanks for another chance..

Today is the day that I “Officially” start the raw vegan diet with a few twitter friends.  I slid through most of yesterday on the changed diet, just to see if it was a comfortable fit. I didn’t die, so everything seems ok.

I have been contemplating my goals for 2010 and this is what I’ve come up with. LIke all the goals I make for myself, some are easy, some medium, and some hard. Also, I like to rate my goals on a 1-10 “confidence level”. Usually, if my confidence level is 7 or above, I have a great chance of succeeding…lower than that, I may need to adjust the parameters to help me succeed. If goals are too high, they may never be met…and the best part of reaching the goal (besides the goal itself) is the true power you can feel over having control over yourself, or mastering something difficult!

1. I will get out of debt this year, (or at least down to only a car payment and a small credit card balance) by the end of December. I will accomplish this by not using my credit cards after Jan 31st (cruise) and by following my budget. Each month, I will take some time to look at my financial situation and adjust my budget accordingly.

2. I will be ready for the 5k that I am helping to organise for June….I want to run it and finish.

3. I will walk to work and back (weather permitting) at least 3 days a week.

4. I will complete the 30 day raw vegan diet challenge and track my numbers for accountability)

5. I will do Jillian’s 30 day shred at least every second day for the month of January to see how it works with my body

6. I will swim a minimum of twice a week for 20 minutes and do as many laps as possible tracking them for accountability

7. I have a new goal shirt…a medium, and my goal is to fit into it this summer.

8. Read more for pleasure. I would like to read one book a week to get out of my own space occasionally.

9. I would like to get a new tattoo this year…a little twitter bird…to celebrate!

10. I want to learn yoga, so I would like to order Susan Powter’s beginners yoga tape.

Today, I look back at 2009 and see how far I’ve come. This is really only the second year of my life that I’ve lived alone, and it’s really only been since May. I have gone through a me initiated break-up and managed to remain friends, I have gotten a great paying job, lost 70 lbs, became a more centered person. I am learning patience, and seeing my own inner strength for the first time. I am learning to look at my gifts as just that…gifts from God that I must treat with respect and use appropriately. I have great friends, both face to face ones, and online ones…I have a special love, and I have myself. All in all, a successful year. Much learning….here’s to next year!

Stats at the start of the Raw Vegan:

weight: 186.2

bicep: 11 1/2 in

waist: 38 in

calf: 15 in


One response to “January 1st..Thanks for another chance..

  1. Wow Jenn!!! I LOVE your goals!!!! I like that they don’t all revolve around food!!! I have a noticed a positive change!! I KNOW that the SKY IS THE LIMIT FOR YOU!!!!! Here’s to 2010!!!! I’ve got my eyes on you!!! {{Hugs}}
    Love Ya Lots
    Dr. Mo (@footdr69)

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