Day 3

Today, I woke up with a screaming headache. Maybe I’m not drinking enough water, or missing something…I have to take a better look, maybe do a food journal for a few days. Got up later than usual, and I took an Advil right away….did the things that relax me and help me think away my headache. Hot bath, in the dark…relaxed most of the day…just got my stuff together for tomorrow. 17 degrees F tomorrow…with the wind it’s going to feel like 1 degree F. Great…no walking to work tomorrow…So up early and to the gym. I need to remember to bring gloves because the weights were so cold on Saturday, that I didn’t want to hold them.

I went and did some more grocery shopping this afternoon, it goes much quicker when you don’t eat anything but veggies….and I was very shaky when I got home…had a glass of water and some fruit (yeah, I know, surprise, surprise!) and I started to feel better…must have been low sugar.

Here’s hoping I feel better tomorrow, I hate feeling weak…


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