Rethink your Shrink…FRIDAY!!

This has been a tough week for me. New job, new food plan, new exercises….Successful? On some points yes….on other points…I’ve learned something about myself, so I’ll say somewhat.

My goals for this week were the following:


  1. I’ve started a new exercise that I loath like. It’s ab crunches on a workout ball, holding a 25 lb weight. I started at 20 and I’m up to 150 and my goal is 200 daily, by the end of the day Sunday…I can do that. SCORE!!
  2. I would like to walk to work 4 days a week. Due to weather, when that is not possible and I have to take the car, I am going to go to the gym in the morning before work. I have gone to the gym 4 days this week. SCORE!!
  3. I have to get back to my 8 bottles/glasses of water a day. I am hovering around 5 consistently. I have a confidence level of 8. I have been able to drink the 8 bottles a day with the help of my alarm. SCORE!!

I am happy with the goals that I’ve made and met. They have given me some self-satisfaction that I’m not getting at work (yet).

My secret….hmmmm…I have so many secrets.

Ok, here it is….I am someone who always wears pants or shorts…never shoes with heels (unless biker boots or cowboy boots)…

but I have the girliest bathroom with a number of different flavours of bubble bath, and body lotions.  What’s even funnier, is I always forget, and when a new friend comes over, they generally walk out of the bathroom with a shocked look on their face.


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