It’s ALL about ME!

I’ve realised over time, that when I am my focus, that it has to be all about me…literally. Otherwise I am cutting workouts short and changing things around when I know better. So even if it’s -27 out, I need to just suck it up and get dressed properly, stop wining about the cold and just do it.

The only person I am disappointing is me. I’ve let way too many people tell me what I am doing in my life, and it just doesn’t work for me. THEY are telling me what they think I need, should do, and should have.


I know I can ask people’s opinions, and I will still have to listen to other people’s views (even when I don’t ask for them, or  agree with them), but at the heart of it all, it’s my decision. The only person I can blame for wrong decision will inevitably be me.

I have made mistakes lately, and now I am paying for them…But NO MORE!

I only need to answer to G-d if I do the wrong thing, or make the wrong move. I need to LOVE me more. I need to believe in myself more…and realise that I can only do what I can do. When I am better, or I know more, I will do better.

I have been in awful relationships before…ones that have hurt me so much…but it’s the lesson that lies underneath that is the important part.

I am so happy now…I have someone in my life who is kind and caring. Who is there, when I need help, be it a loving slap upside the head or just a long distance hug. She feels things from a distance, she has started listening to her intuition. She lets me learn my lessons.(Patience being a big one!) She is motivated for change, and ready to put the work into it. I am dropping the ball in that respect. I want our relationship to progress, and be what it is supposed to be…but I have to be ready for the time that is coming.

I have goals and need to be goal oriented to be ready for when that time comes. Now that my focus is back, I am closer than ever.

Hear that sound? It’s me kicking myself in the ass!

Don’t get me wrong, I know how far I’ve come. I’ve lost 70 lbs, and changed my life around. I’ve had some great changes in my life, and some not so great. But I am not where I want to be yet. I may never be the best runner, or the fastest stair climber, but I am better than I was, and I never want to be back there again.

Don’t let life discourage you, everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was.


One response to “It’s ALL about ME!

  1. WOW!!!! Great Post, Jeep!!!! Sounds like there is alot of growth going on in Canada!!! I’m so very proud of you!! Keep kicking arse!!!! THIS IS YOUR TIME!!!
    Love Ya Lots
    Monique a.k.a. @footdr69

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