Morning Walk…I’ve Missed Me…

It’s something I love and hate at the same time…It’s something I’ve discovered that I need on a day-to-day basis…It’s my ME time.

I enjoy the walk to work, as well as hate it. In -17 degree weather, I am not a happy camper about walking, I hate bundling up and haven’t quite figured out how to dress to stay dry…just warm.  (Insert visions of the “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up Lady here!)

Today, I wore thick long-john type polyester pants under track pants, a cotton turtleneck and my two layer winter jacket. A ball cap, a toque and the hat to the jacket, with a scarf wrapped around it all. Lastly, gloves, with an extra pair in my backpack. The wind is fierce coming across the fields of the Experimental Farm, so close to 1/3 of my walk is frigidly cold.

Ignoring all of that, the hour of time by myself, is time I spend listening to music and thinking about the day ahead. That’s my planning time. If I knew my job better, that would be the time I would decide the actions of my day. But since I don’t, I think about my exercise, my future goals and what I’m going to do when I get home. “Me” time…

I want many things out of life, and for the first time, I can see them possibly coming to fruition. I waver in my commitment to myself on occasion, but my goals are pretty steadfast.

My number one goal has always been  happiness. I don’t need to be surrounded by money to carry out that. I need to feel safe and loved. Able to pay my way in life, and have a job or something to occupy my time which I feel is of value.

I know that being creative is a big part of my happiness. Speaking with my twitter friend Intellexsexual, who has been creatively blocked recently also…everything is topsy-turvy until the block is cleared. I love to paint and write and am anxious to try air brush which I have purchased last year, and haven’t had the space or the education to do yet.


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