Future Me writing to Present Me..


Hindsight is 20/20. Never has this statement been more true than today. Looking back is so much easier than looking forward with trepidation, fear and disillusionment. Measuring my successes against my path in the last year, has been an eye-opening experience.

What a crazy year 2010 was for me. January started off with a great cruise where I met some of my twitter friends. I had already felt incredibly close to them, who knew we could get closer still!

It was great timing, because I was having trouble with the new job and the lack of training….and feeling kinda lost. That trip seemed to kick me back on track. I went from 195 down to 186 in less than a week (yes, I know most of that was water, but it was my water!)

February came, and it was warmer, so I could walk back and forth to work, which was good training for my 5k in June. All that practise came in handy, and I achieved my goal of finishing my first 5k. Wow, did that make me feel great!

I ordered my CAN FIT PRO books at the end of February, and was ready to write my exam by the end of July. I LOVE to learn. It feels like I am filling a void in my soul. What a great decision that was…the knowledge that I got, helped me to make my goals, and now I’d like to help others.

I scraped enough money together to buy a second-hand motorbike, and got my license in April. I was 20 years old when I first talked about doing that, so I could drive across the US and see some of the world. Who knew it would take me 27 years to actually get the guts up to do it, and that I would actually have friends in places like Utah, New York and Florida that I could go see!

When I started this journey, my measurement for my fitness was the Ottawa Police Physical for new officers. I figured if I could pass that, and it was demanding, then I’d know I was fit. How crazy it was to be keeping up with twenty year olds, when I’m more than twice their age, and less than 2 years ago, I was winded when I had to climb a flight of stairs.

With all three classes of the Chronic Disease  Self Management course presented, my commitment with the hospital is now completed, and I am a Certified Master Trainer. That’ll look nice on the resumé, plus I learned a lot from teaching it.

The martial arts classes with Laurie have helped me attain a confidence that I never had before. I feel more centered, and more at peace with the world.


2 responses to “Future Me writing to Present Me..

  1. My favorite part of this whole post is the going to UTAH to visit your friend, lol!
    This is an awesome idea Jenn. You will do these things I know it.
    There is something about you that is certain in where you want to go and who you are. That is worth its weight in gold.
    Every step you take I will be here to cheer you on!
    I love ya!

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