For me, goals have to be small. I know my focus can be somewhat short-lived, and I can get easily distracted if not for daily reinforcement.

For everyone who doesn’t know what SMART goals are, this is the outline.

A good goal must be





and Timely.

So a good example would be I’m going to walk one mile after dinner, 4 times this week.

That is a realistic distance, it is something I CAN do,  and I know how often and when I am going to have to do to achieve that goal.

But there is something missing!

I have found this in every class I teach when it comes to goal setting.


What is your confidence level on a scale of one to ten that you will actually DO it?

Anything less than a 7 on the scale, means you should either adjust your goal, or try for something else completely.

No one knows you better than YOU! Are you one of those people who constantly lies to yourself? I used to be. Starting with the “I’m going to lose 50 lbs, and then everything will be the way it’s supposed to be”. Who could live up to that?

I used to disappoint myself so often, how could anybody else have confidence in me?

Once you start making proper goals, ones that you CAN meet and achieve, your opinion of yourself will start to change. It can be quite gratifying to complete a goal. That is the reason starting with small SMART goals is important.

It’s about getting used to the feeling of success..


One response to “Goals

  1. Hey Jenn I’m really enjoying your blog and your writing! You’re so right about the goals. What I actually found was that I was always failing at my goals (weight loss for example) because I never believed in myself, I never believed that I could do it! When I finally started having confidence in myself then I started achieving my goals and that in turn boosted my confidence!
    Great post!

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