Hope Can Be the Sound of Salvation or Motivation…

A simple question for you runners, or would be runners…what song makes you want to get up and run? For me, there is only one that the second I hear it, I want to bolt…run with all the energy I can muster…It drives me to new distances, I feel my hands go numb in anticipation…it is the real push behind my running.

It’s a song called “Keep Hope Alive” By Crystal Method. There are not a lot of lyrics…and it was the theme for Third Watch…my all time favorite program…but it has my get up and go…and I just can’t sit still when I hear it.

Keep Hope Alive


And I say this to the night
Let us not forget
There is hope
There’s hope!
And I say this to the night
Let us not forget
Their is hope

I think part of the reason is the lyrics for me. There is always hope…

I started this journey, and that’s all I had. I had to have hope in myself, because no one can do this for me. Some days my hope abandons me, or I abandon it actually. I have days when I cry, and when I wish I could kick a few people’s proverbial asses…but I know who I have to count on. Me first, and my twitter friends second. Sometimes them first…and me second…but they don’t let me stay down for long.

What A Team!!

@fitinmyheart, @jeninrl, @fabfattieshan, @phatbff, @teetee_71, @slorunnermom, @cunningmom, @susanpowter, @coachmeg and many others. I just want you all to know how much I always feel your support!

YOU ALL help me believe in myself, even when I feel that tying my shoe laces is a challenge….

the days I just want to stay in bed and cry, YOU pull the covers off of me, and drag my ass out…

By telling me what you’ve accomplished, it helps me see that all things are possible, if I just believe in myself first…

YOU help me drive myself…YOU show me that everything isn’t always perfect.

That it’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce..



So I ask you two things….who is your support team, and what song makes you run like a mad woman (man)?


5 responses to “Hope Can Be the Sound of Salvation or Motivation…

  1. You, the peeps on that list above and SO many more twitter peeps are my support daily. The husband and the kid drive me insane but they are my support!! They are not nearly as pushy as some peeps but they love me!! I get awesome support and my weekly WW meeting.

    as for songs, I have a ton that make me wanna dance but not many for running yet….actually Pink’s SO WHAT is pretty good!

    and I LOVED Third Watch!

  2. Jenn you are so sweet and you are a HUGE a part of my support system and I love ya! I cannot tell you how many times I have felt like not working out and then thought of you and some of the friends you mentioned motivated me. It really does help!
    I have never ran to music believe it or not. To lazy to load the ipod, lol. My friend is helping me with that.
    I seriously LOVE the way you write…so gifted!

  3. First it is my immediate family…they are my in my face cheerleaders…then it is my extended family…then my twitter family. And just to be clear…I do not have friends…I have family or acquaintances…I am all or nothing and if I love it is whole hearted and from depths of my soul. so to be called friend in my book…you are family!

    Jenn you are a true inspiration and I love following you along this journey of self discovery. I think I am discovering a little of me along the way as well.

  4. I love being a part of your journey. When I’m about to bounce off the wall, a few well spoken words from you bring me back down and keep things in perspective. For me I think I would have quit running a long time ago had it not been my husband. He keeps me focused and always thinking about my “next”. When I’m feeling weak I only need to look to him and he takes me back through memory lane when I could hardly do anything at all. Taking this marathon journey this year could not be done without my Twitter friends. When the miles start getting high I start thinking of all of you and how I won’t stop because I cannot come back and tell you all I quit. You all keep me going. My song? “Push It To The Limit” from the Scarface soundtrack. No matter where I am in my run, no matter how tired, this song makes me dig in and ….well….PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT!

  5. Jenn you are a part of such a wonderful support system that I have discovered, you and all the wonderful ladies on Twitter and in the BBIM group have really motivated and help to keep me accountable.
    My BFF and my hubby(on the weekends) are my running support, since Hubby stays with the kids while I run and always cheers me on.
    I cannot run without music. For some reason, every single time I run I cry, just a little bit LOL Because I truly feel like I accomplished something, even if it’s just a short run! The songs that really make me go are Stronger by Kanye West, I gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas and When you were Young by The Killers (don’t ask me why, something about it makes me cry when I run).
    Thank you for being an awesome inspiration and support system! 🙂

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