Monday…The start of something new…

I don’t know about any of you really…all I know is what I’ve experienced myself. I can have sympathy for other peoples plights…but until I’ve experienced it myself, I can’t be completely empathetic. That is something that comes with experiencing the same feelings….the same moments in time that change our outlooks, change who we are.

Today I had some time to think….about what is coming up for me. A few posts ago, I mentioned a bit about my future plans. While I understand some people’s resistance to my idea…I just can’t think of another way to free myself from my own downfall….my debt.

I don’t pass the blame onto anyone else for the situation I find myself in….I chose to spend each of those dollars, on myself or others….and I have to accept the consequences. I am teetering on the brink of not having enough money to live, when I have the best paying job I’ve ever had. Why? Because I was the party girl for way too long.

So, now I am going to try to fix it. Tonight I write my 2 months notice for my apartment…and I start packing as soon as possible. My friend Peggy has agreed that I can live with her for the summer, rent free. Because of her situation, that’s all I think we could get away with….after that, I am going to live in the hospital or my car. I have a PT Cruiser, so I can take the back seats out and store them with all my stuff at Peggy’s.  A blow up mattress will fit in the back, and I believe I’ve thought of everything. I have changed my address to my mom’s house for anything really important…and I have changed my billing on most things to electronic, so I should get them in my e-mail. I have a budget in excel that I will follow every month.

If I stay at the hospital, there are showers at the gym, a fridge and three bathrooms within about 20 feet of my office. There is also a cafeteria and my office has a phone and the internet.

If I stay in the car, I have access to the showers at work, I will try the raw vegan  food diet again, and that will simplify food storage (I have access to a fridge at work). I have my blackberry, and my laptop that I can use at free Wifi sites around the city. I must say, I do want to try this and give it my best shot. I feel very safe in my city….and will give the idea up if I feel unsafe at any time. If I can do this for 8 months, I will have paid off all my credit cards, and be debt free (including my car paid off!)

Work can be fairly casual, so I may not have to iron my clothes if I get them out of the dryer before they wrinkle, and fold them. My windows are tinted in the rear of the car. Am I overlooking anything?

Yes, I want to blog about the whole experience too…I think it may be interesting….


3 responses to “Monday…The start of something new…

  1. Jenn, I think you have thought of everything!It sounds exciting!! Do your bosses know what you are doing?!? Will it be a secret kind of thing?

    Ya know, if you are successful and you blog about your experiences you can end up with a movie deal out it!! LOL!

    Stay safe and Stay strong!!

    I believe in you!! (I lived out of my car twice but that was before the karate kid)

  2. Jenn,

    If your set on your plan then I wish you lots of luck. If it’s because you feel you really have no other options then let me offer you one. I know Orleans is so far.. LOL.. but if all goes well with this house (still up in the air but should know for sure by Thursday) then you’re MORE than welcome to move in with me. Closing would be April 8. I’m positive we can work something out that will work well for you. 🙂

    Message me rebeca underscore lynn at hotmail dot com or DM me.

    Love ya girl,


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