My Soul Spring Cleaning…

Today, I got this message from my friend @rootsology,

“My Soul Spring Cleaning starts with clearing away the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter that lies within me”.

I know that my soul can use some spring cleaning. I do sometimes let my soul take me in directions that I shouldn’t go. (I don’t think soul is really the right word, but for now, I’ll go with it.) It leads me to make a focus out of something that should not own my time. What ever happened to the beliefs of the child inside of me?

The ones that thought, “I can do anything!”

I hate blaming society, because society is a collaboration of all of us…and I never want to be the person to blame for killing someone’s dreams.

What happened to my dreams?

I still have them, after all, someone without dreams has no future. However, I do let  many things get in front of my dreams…knocking them to the side, or changing their priority. NO ONE should be able to move the priority of my dreams….not even me!

So today, to keep myself accountable, I am going to post my goals for 2010. Physical, mental, spiritual, professional…whatever else I can think of.


I want to be more comfortable in my own skin

  1. I will accomplish this by continuing to work out, and increase my running stamina. I know James Earl Jones still speaks loudly in my ear at running times.
  2. I tried this activity in the tub last year, and I think it’s time to resurrect it. (don’t worry, we’re not going THERE!) The activity involves being really there while washing each area of your body. Thinking of the reasons why each part of you is your favorite, and telling that part why it’s your favorite. (in your head is fine). I’m going to accomplish this, by making it a part of every bath time.
  3. I’m going to accomplish this by only weighing myself twice a month. I think Shannon has the right idea….why obsess when I can use that time for something positive?
  4. I am going to accomplish this by trying the raw vegan diet again. I think this will be more convenient in the summer with the local produce available.
  5. I am going to accomplish this by running my first 5k in June and finish it.
  6. I am going to accomplish this by signing up for martial arts classes.


I need to get closer to God.

I liked the Quaker church, and I think I need to go back more often.

  1. I need to become spiritually, the person I want to be. I am going to accomplish this by going to “meeting” at least once a month to start with.
  2. I want to be able to use my gifts more. I need guidance in that area. I am going to accomplish this by having more time with my “guide”.


I need to change some of the ways I think. I need to be a stronger force in my own life.

  1. I need to develop an inner strength that I don’t feel I have. I will accomplish this by working to accept compliments and realizing that they are legitimate, and I should be gracious about getting them.
  2. I need to have faith in me and my abilities. I can do anything if I learn, try, and do something new. If I decide I don’t like it, and its not for me, that is not a failure.
  3. I need to guide “my ship”, not be led by others. I know that I am not always in charge, but somewhat of a plan is good. I will accomplish this by having a framework of goals to work with. Adjustments are acceptable, stagnation is not.


I don’t think I need to have professional goals right now.

  1. I will wait on these until I am off probation (one year from start date) in November.
  2. I will not let the atmosphere at work get to me.


Out of all these goals, I have one that looms over my head, every minute of the day or night. I have made great strides to not let it bother me, but I know it’s still there. My debt. This is my biggest goal. If I can accomplish bringing this down to under $1000, I will have succeeded in something I have never been able to do.  This is my 8 month goal….I want to go into 2011 debt free..

I WILL STRIVE TO REMEMBER THAT I AM THE TEACHER AND THE STUDENT…that I can learn from others, and don’t need to re-invent the wheel…


Patience…Always my first lesson…

What are your goals?

What have you put aside that IS important to you?

What will you do to make YOUR priorities YOUR PRIORITIES?

When will you be the most important person in your life??


4 responses to “My Soul Spring Cleaning…

  1. Jenn this was a really great post! You have given me an idea and I think I need to do something like this for myself. I have plotted out the “physical” piece of my life this year but I haven’t given any consideration to the other parts my life. Just hanging on I guess. Much to think about now.

  2. Jenn…
    I adore you so much! FYI you have one of the strongest spirits I have ever met/felt whatever the correct word is for that. You aresuch a good loving kind person. The second I met you I knew that you are amazing. (maybe your gift has rubbed off on me cuz I know I am 1000% right ) 😉
    Woot on the scale my dear! As long as you are doing what you are then no need to fret over the numbers.
    Now you have me thinking of what I should do. I have it in my head but I have always been a chicken to put it out on paper or blog it or actually make it official! LOL
    You are brave and inspiring!
    I love ya!

  3. This is a tremendous post! You have me thinking about doing this too. I think it may help me find some balance. You are SO inspiring!

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