I’ve Never Cared About That Before…

Why am I worrying now…what I look like when I exercise? I know I’ll never be the spandex wearing runner…that’s just not my style, but I am concerned what people think. I have never been that way before.

I had a  peacock-blue mohawk and 10 earings in my right ear..I wore combat boots and ripped up t’s with my army pants or jeans. People wouldn’t sit beside me on the bus (and I was ok with that).

I’ve never cared what people thought of me.

I’ve never cared about what people thought of what I was wearing…

I’ve just never cared about what anyone else ever thought…

I run in board shorts and a t-shirt. Sometimes I wear a bandana if I think I’m going to sweat a lot…Shoes that cost $179…are you kidding me? This trip is blowing my mind. I work in the most conservative area possible…the fed government.

I feel like I’m losing ME.


5 responses to “I’ve Never Cared About That Before…

  1. you are not losing you…. you are polishing you… and finding someone you didn’t know was there.

    as for attire…. no one, except ignorant high school kids, who should be tarred and feathered for sheer purpose of bad attitude (kidding) notice…..

    sometimes i wear shorts and a tshirt, sometimes a sweatshirt, and the other day b/c i was cold… my skull cap instead of my baseball cap.

    keep running. you will find what you are seeking… and btw, love the shoes!

  2. You are not losing anything! Try to remember back to that angry teenager who was rebelling from everyone! Now that you are more mature, you control your own destiny! Carpe Diem, Jenn! Take some time to figure out what you really desire in life…not trivialities like being ‘debt free’ because that comes and goes,…but really where is your zen place? Then, go there and be there. We are here to help! xo L

  3. Jen I was going to comment on this a while ago. I know you are probably feeling better (I hope) by now.
    You should never worry about what others think because you are amazing and you are the only woman I know that could look totally cool and hot in a peacock mowhawk, 10 earrings and combat boots!
    You need to keep blogging I miss it!

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