Don’t Stop Believing…

THAT is going to be the theme for my Life…

I have made many decisions and then gone back on them…but I am going to make a TRUE effort with this one.

Mindset is the key to everything, and I’m going to determine mine all the time. This morning I got up early, and instead of being grumpy because I HAVE TO do something, I thought about the benefits that I was experiencing from going to the gym and exercising…about how many people wished that they could do these things, but can’t due to illness or physical ailments.



So today, I am going to drive my own life…with purpose and goals in mind. Remembering to stop and enjoy the world around me….after all, the journey is the real joy, the chosen”destination” is just that….the destination!

This week, I am house sitting and doggie sitting Maggie…my favorite golden retriever….and I guess I forgot how wonderfully calming a house and a sweet soul of a pet can be. 

I got up today, went into the home gym and worked out…then I watched a yoga program that I’m going to try tomorrow. I know my focus needs to be on myself first, and my debt second…I AM going to clear this up this year, not forgetting that I need things myself…ideas and activities to feed my soul.

Yes, I KNOW that another person cannot make or break my life, but that’s a pit I continuously fall into…I need to break the “someone to complete me” idea that I was raised with.


I know I must sound like I’m rambling…because I am. I need to organise my OCD mind around this…but I’m going to get there this week. That is, by Easter, I’m going to have a plan outlined…(hopefully not too OCD of a plan though…I want this to feel fun!)

(for you folks who know me, and know how music motivates me…I am still stuck on Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster cd…It’s on my phone, plays at home, in my car and on my pc right now. The girl is too freaky for words, but she makes me want to move, which is never a bad thing!)


I am open to suggestions from my peeps though!  🙂



3 responses to “Don’t Stop Believing…

  1. Oh Jenn I love this post! You sound so great and are going to do it. A new perspective to take care of YOU first then everything else will fall into place.
    It is not selfish it is smart!
    Love ya girl!

  2. I LOVE this NEW YOU!!!!! I am in the same space!!! I commented on @nomorebacon’s blog that the focus is NOW ON ME!!!! IT HAS 2BE OR IT DOESNT WORK!!! lOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING YOUR New Plan!!! 😉
    Love Ya Lots,

  3. Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish. By taking care of yourself you will have more energy for others in your life. Great post! Enjoy your workouts and house sitting this week…:-)

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