Easter Weekend…


This weekend I had made many plans….for someone with a little case of OCD, plans are everything.

Much to my chagrin, nothing went the way I had planned.

This morning, I decided to go to the gym and then bike to work and back…again, monkey wrench in the works! I locked my keys in the car…house, bike, garage and apartment. I might as well go to work, I can’t do anything else right now!

I had a decision to make –  

I could let it upset me, or figure out a solution. 

Maybe its some sort of divine intervention, who knows?

On my walk to work, I decided to call Anne at the building office, and ask for a loan of a key…yesterday, I noticed my extra remote control (with the dead battery) in one of the drawers I was going to pack. If I can get into the apt and get the remote…go to the store and replace the battery…wait for someone to go into or come out of the garage…everything should be fine.

I have been working on the way I see myself in the world. It’s not all about me, and I need to give that thought up. I can still make myself a priority, but the need for other people to fulfill me has to go.

One thing I have always believed, is that we are given all the “tools” and information we need to accomplish anything we put our minds to…but I guess that has to take into account the fact that  not everyone has the same agenda.

I listened to CBC radio on the way home last night, and the discussion was very interesting. I wish I had the important details, like who the gentleman was, who was talking on the radio, but no luck there.

He was saying how a dual mind is a very narrow mind, and how it affects everything you do in your life. The biggest challenge was to let go of “self” and how to let another in (make yourself not the center of your existence)…but that the person with the true dual mind would never be able to do that. (All solutions would come from a warped place of self-importance anyways)

A duel mind sees only yes or no, positive or negative, black or white, gay or straight, when there can be a world of degrees in anything. Most of the time, I am able to stay in a non-dual world, but when I become judgemental, I judge everyone to MY standards of right and wrong.

Someone with a more open mind and less self-centered in outlook will see more of the “it is what it is” aspects of life.

I must admit, I FLOAT BETWEEN THE TWO POLAR OPPOSITES! BUT I am conscious of where I want to be…and I’m trying to get there and stay there.


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