……….Awakening…It is what it is…..

Awakenings are wonderful things…The day you truly see yourself for who and what you are, is an experience that is both so extremely personal an unrivaled by any other.

It lets you see where you are, and compare that to where you want to be.

Then the planning and time come in…

I have been floating along, experiencing both challenges that I am not up for, and things that I have to take care of. Through it all, I have discovered things about myself and others…some that I’m not happy about, but that I need to realise and understand.

I count on others to build me up, to tell me when I am doing things right…sometimes to tell me when I’m suceeding…BUT…while I want someone to love me a certain way, sometimes that can’t be. That doesn’t mean they don’t love me the best they can considering the circumstances.

EVERY person has an agenda…in all of their relationships, their work life and their personal life. At the very basis of it all, you are either the teacher or the student. Every acquaintance will be outgrown, and only true friendships and honest loves will remain.

A true friend will be there in the good times and the bad times….because in everybody’s life there are bad times. The only thing different, is the scale that it is measured on.

I belong to a Blackberry group….a group of women (and 1 man) who want to help each other reach a healthy happy point of living. We give each other pointers, and sometimes just have silly girl conversations. (both of which I LOVE!)


But the bottom line is, we are all Rambo…fighting our own wars…each war is personal…Mine will never completely mirror someone elses…but I need people who are going to be around for the good times as well as the bad times. I don’t need fair weather friends…


4 responses to “……….Awakening…It is what it is…..

  1. Here 4 LIFE! You are one of my dearest friends through every little thing life throws our way! We will conquer just like Rambo! So lets get out there move forward and kick some ass 😉
    Love you Jenn XO

  2. Jenn–
    I love the Rambo penguin..maybe our new BB group mascot??? Hang tough girl. Do what’s right for you. You are correct this is all our own battle, but there’s nothing wrong with having some allies.

  3. Hey Jenn,

    Love Ya Always!!! Times are crazy right now! Don’t think I don’t miss our chats and fun times. I am just really needed as a Mommy until H gets older, so my time is scarce! I miss a lot of stuff. Talking with you is amongst them! I think of you each day! I read your blog and catch up on the group, when I can. Eventually, I will groove into being a more balanced person & mommy…Lunches, Garage sales…let’s take our time together, when you are free! I am still here, and I very much care!
    gtg! L

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