Lunges??? I thought you said Lunches…


Today, I am in pain…and strangely, I’ve missed it like a red-headed step-child.

My leg workout on Saturday was amazing! I was in agony walking down the stairs….legs like jelly…where my only goal was to not fall down the stairs.

Up today at 5 am and at the gym at 5:30 for my upper body. I have moved my running shoes to Arnprior already, so no treadmill until tomorrow, when I have them back.

I have decided to trim my goals for the next 2 months. I am going to focus on my arms. I love the look of lean strong arms like @mizfit has, I think I will need to focus on arm workouts more, to achieve “my version” of that.

Now, some plain truth…my truth…ugly truth!!! (BOO!!)

weight = 194

I gained weight. My lowest weight in the last year was 175 and I crashed and burned. But that’s ok, I am back and life is about lessons, isn’t it? I learned how much my heart can pull me in directions I don’t necessarily want to go. But, like everything else in life…I learn to cope, and find a better way.

So tonight, I take my measurements again, and narrow down my workout and fitness goals…trying to keep them at a minimum so I don’t lose focus.


  1. go to the gym a minimum of 4 times a week, using the workout plans I have. Including 30 minutes of cardio each visit, and either the lower, upper and core, or the strictly arms workout each time. (Mostly morning workouts, but if I miss one, I have to do it in the evening)
  2. Take my measurements each month to judge the changes, not the scale. Since I am moving, I may decide to pack the scale to keep me away from it. Separation anxiety already, as I type the words

Fitness and Health Goals

  1. Keep to my diet plan, with one slip allowed per week. (nothing too extravagant mind you!)
  2. 6-8 bottles of water per day.
  3. get back to the vitamins (I hate taking pills!)

I’ve decided I need to get back to basics, and keep my head and my heart out of the mix…they seem to be my biggest distractions. If only I could just send my body to the gym…I would probably be the most physically fit person around!

Lastly but not least… to the Circle of Hearts…Mo, Terri, Tammi, Jenni, Kat, Kim, Lori and Shannon…Thank You for being my steadfast friends…for kicking my ass when I needed it and for lifting me up when I didn’t even know I needed it.


6 responses to “Lunges??? I thought you said Lunches…

  1. I need to join you on this water goal. I have been getting very lax about this and I don’t know why. I am also bad about taking vitamins. What vitamins do you think are important? I need to be educated on this.

    • Well, my trainer Kelly told me to take a liquid vitamin called Miracle 2000. I ordered it, and it is possibly the most foul tasting stuff ever! So she suggested a multi vitamin, 1000mg of calcium, 1000mg of vitamin C and a B12 daily. She also suggested taking them right before bed, because this would kick start my metabolism and that was the truth! I get all my vitamins at Costco so they are cheaper in bulk. She told me to buy some of those cheap beach towels to sleep on, because I was going to sweat bullets…and that was an understatement.

      As far as the water, I generally drink the first bottle in the shower…it’s kind of a weird feeling, warm outside and cold inside….but it gets me going and had my body begging for water all day. Give it a try!!

  2. Dontcha love it when you feel the workout?! I do! Water is something I need to work on as well.
    I am right here with ya on both the working out and gettind my diet in check. 😉

  3. Look at you girl! You are back on the fitness bandwagon of mixing it up. You are feeling the pleasure of being sore again. It’s hurts so good! I know without a doubt you will get those arms you desire. You are focused, driven and I know you will not give up until you get what you want.

    I need to focus on drinking more water as well. I need to cut back on the coffee earlier in the morning instead of drinking it until noon.

  4. I hate taking vitamins too – they make me feel sick. I like to add EmergenC powder to my water. You get vitamins and good tasting water at the same time.

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