OMG! There’s a MUSCLE under there!!

Every day is an endless train
you got to ride it to the end of the line
be a troubleshooter blow the bad luck away
and you will make it to your station on time

and you’ll find out every trick in the book
and that’s there’s only one way to get things done
you’ll find out the only way to the top
is looking out for #1
i mean you keep looking out for #1

(BTO Lyrics)


Each day is about discovery. Today, what I discovered could be earth shattering, at least to me. Today, while working out on the inclined leg press machine….I noticed something…

I, for the first time, noticed my leg muscles moving!

Now, don’t get me wrong…I knew they were there all the time, or else I would resemble a quivering bowl of jello while walking down the street…but I never really NOTICED them doing their thing!

So I am going to concentrate more on the muscle as I do my workout. Before, it was just get to the gym, do the moves and get out.

Maybe it was the part of the textbook for the Can-Fit-Pro certification that I finally started to focus on last night. There is a lot of information there, and to be honest, it kind of made me nervous….This is a lot to commit to.

I am not trying to get certified to become a trainer, I want the education to understand my journey more.

Yesterday, someone asked me what my priority was…and for the first time, I can honestly say

My Priority IS ME!



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