Friday…Where hast thou been???

Today I read a sign at the gym, and it really cranked me up…(in a good way…)

I find this so true! The more I go to the gym, the less impressive and booming James Earl Jones sounds…(that’s the voice in my head that tells me “YOU can’t do it…) Lately, his voice has been subdued, even more than the James with the socks stuffed in his mouth……almost helium-like…suck back another balloon full James….there are changes coming in this neighbourhood, and you’re not gonna like ’em.

The second part of this post is a question….I am going to ask a few of the trainer type people on Twitter to see if they can help me. The last thing I do at the gym is go hang on this machine and it seems to de-compress my spine while I hang (sorry, no technical name for the machine…but I did take a picture)

While I like hearing and feeling my spine get more loose, a strange thing happens. I feel odd when I do this, I get a buzzing feeling in my head and I feel everything closing in on me. Now, I’ve never passed out, but I kind of imagine that this would be the feeling. My focus becomes almost pin point, and I feel like I’ve been hanging there for hours. When I put my feet back on the step area, I need to wait 20 seconds or so before I feel that I can support my own weight.

Any ideas?

Things I’ve noticed this week….

I need a smaller bra before the 5K

I have started looking in the mirror, and I feel ok about it

I decide how my day is going to go….because I decide my reaction

I am 47 years old, and I think I just started to LOVE myself

I think this is the beginning of a new journey….. 



And they say, “Goldfish have no memory”

I guess their lives are much like mine

And the little plastic castle

Is a surprise every time

And it’s hard to say, if they’re happy

But they don’t seem much to mind


4 responses to “Friday…Where hast thou been???

  1. **squints**
    ok Im on my smart phone
    is that the knee up thing? I call it a roman chair but i do think thats the wrong name?

    and in a way my answer is an easy one IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL THAT DO NOT DO IT!!
    no matter what anyone says 🙂
    Ill be back when at computer

  2. That is an early form of torture. some call it a roman chair… personally, i don’t like these, as there are many other and better ways of targeting your abs, than this… and well, ‘decompressing the spine’…. leaving you light-headed. BAD! It seems that by hanging, the blood is collecting in your lower limbs (since this is post-workout). I would not continue this.
    Perhaps stretching with a physioball, might help stretch your spine or doing some yoga poses would help create that relaxed feeling without the light-headed i am going to faint feeling.
    As far as doing knee raises properly, many people do not have the strength in the shoulder girdle to keep the shoulders dropped while supporting their bodies to do a pelvic tuck and lift the knees. If your shoulders are in your ears, you can be putting pressure on your nerves/blood supply… but i think my explanation might be more accurate if you are just hanging post-exercise.

    I am glad to see you are seeing improvements! keep it up!

  3. That machine looks kinda scary! You are doing great Jenn I am proud of you 🙂 I love that quote and the attitude you have going! Awesomeness! XO

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