Today is a GREAT DAY!!!!

Today I feel like a list is the way to go!

  1. I went down a bra size this week! (that’s huge! er, um…ok, smaller will do!)
  2. Today I found out (don’t laugh at me…) where the battery was hidden in my car…I couldn’t find it when I wanted to boost Bonnie’s car this morning!
  3. Today I fixed Bonnie’s Blackberry
  4. Today I decided that she can’t “try” things with either of them anymore (hahahahaha!!!!)
  5. Today I looked at my arms, and felt proud! (thank you @mizfitonline)
  6. Today I’m going to see the Grey’s Anatomy finale (someone in the house we’re sitting, PVR’d it!)
  7. Today, I did the right thing, even though it most likely won’t be appreciated or acknowledged by my boss.
  8. Today I feel lighter than I ever have before.
  9. Today I had a piece of pizza for lunch, and I damn well enjoyed it! I’m not going to beat myself up about it either!
  10. Tonight I’m going to play in the hot tub, and have a stress free evening.
  11. Today, I’ve decided to not get emotionally involved in friends issues…they are not my issues!

and now my strange list! Things most of you probably don’t know about me…

  1. when cooking, i never use the same utensil twice.
  2. I would rather jump out of a plane than carry someone’s purse
  3. I have secret security clearance (hahahaha! Me? Keep a secret???)
  4. I can teach “gaydar”
  5. I want to be a police officer, if only just for the gun
  6. I have only ever tasted beer once, and I hate it!
  7. I will try any food twice before I decide I don’t like it
  8. I hate wearing socks, and underwear for that matter
  9. I am baffled at what I should write on the card for the jacksh*t website
  10. I would push my mother down the stairs to be thin….but sometimes lose my focus… (lucky mom!)
  11. Repeat above, but substitute chocolate, most of the time.
  12. PMS is an excuse for murder and mayhem as far as I’m concerned…at least, once a month! What are YOU looking at?
  13. I miss my job at the hospital…
  14. Sometimes, I don’t feel good enough
  15. I can be judgemental, when it comes to others and their choices.
  16. I really want to take a martial arts course.
  17. I got my certification as a Master Trainer for Chronic Disease Self-Management from Stanford University
  18. I am working on my motorbike license
  19. I am working on a plan for next summer’s vacation…3 weeks in the US on a bike! (here I come Shannon!)
  20. I have started my Can Fit Pro course, but I need to put more effort into it
  21. I like punks…
  22. I am learning that age is not a factor in LOVE
  23. MY version of success is not the same as everyone elses
  24. Everything I am, I have learned from lessons. Some self-taught, some taught by others. I am what I am and who I am, as much because of the mistakes I’ve made as the things I have accomplished. I still have miles to go in this life, (i hope)….and many more things to learn…hopefully, it will be with people who are gentle and loving, even after the lesson has been received.

2 responses to “Today is a GREAT DAY!!!!

  1. “#2 I would rather jump out of a plane than carry someone’s purse”. Why am I still laughing out loud over this one. Really love this post – carefree and warm fuzzies.

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