I Need Trainer Help!


I am finally asking….and I don’t know why it takes me so long, or I feel like a failure when I ask…but I need help to develop a new routine. I need to pass a physical fitness test…a specific test…….and its something that has been a goal and a fear for a long time. I want to take the Police PREP test. I need help to create a routine to achieve this goal. The hardest part, or the biggest challenge for me will be the physical fitness test.

This link has the outline for the PREP test:


I understand that the beep test is the beep test. I need to do running to achieve a good result on this. Fast starts….sprinting kinda stuff. I really don’t understand how it is scored..Can someone explain it to me? Boil it down simply…

you need to be able to do 10 runs back and forth in  8 minutes….really boil it down…

I know I can’t practise jumping over fences and running up and down the stairs without building an obsticle course, and I know I can’t do that…I have no room. I can run up and down stairs though…

But what exercises would you suggest would help me achieve this?

I know I need to find someone who has taken the PREP test, or someone who can help me create a workout routine that will help me develop the skills I need to pass it.

The next PREP test in Ottawa is in October…I just seem to be looking at the book and letting it get the best of me. …it is stressing me out. Maybe I need to spend the weekend with the book and try again…

I know that I will feel better if I am dropping the 20 pounds I still have around my waist….that to me will further my weight loss achievement, and keep me motivated…

I am open to ANY suggestions…

Does anyone have any suggestions??


One response to “I Need Trainer Help!

  1. Maybe check out a local track. Here the high school has a track that is open to the public and there are usually hurdles there. Is there a police training course or something? Just tossing it out I have no idea but maybe?
    Proud of you Jen for doing it girl. You are going after your dreams and it is awesome to see 😉

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