I’m Here, But I’m Not…But I’m Gonna Be!


My goal….all in all, the losing 70 lbs and working through some of my issues, I had one thing in mind. To make me a better person, and to find someone to love  and be loving to…for the rest of my life.  Of course, I knew that I can’t do that unless I am happy with myself…

Well, I have found her, or she has found me….we have found each other!

It’s been over a year now, and every day I can’t believe she choose me! She is the perfect woman for me, and although I am far from perfect, I am trying to be the best person for her.

Somewhere in there, I lost my personal goal of losing the weight I wanted, and getting more healthy.  I think it’s time that I refocus on that.

I need to follow the same path I followed before. I need to get it in my head, and it needs to be do-able, the way it was before. I am going back to my old notes, and I see that with Kelly, I had a slow and gradual move towards the way I needed to be consistently. So, I am going to start it this way.

My Start date for this diet and exercise plan is January 1st, 2012.

I have a little over three weeks to prepare. That means, read over my old notes, get my vitamin regime going again, and finding a gym that I am comfortable at. Also, stopping drinking Coke, and starting to move towards the more healthy foods and away from the drive-thru  stuff.

Last time I started at 265 and made it to 189. Everything under 200 was a struggle. I guess that’s because I had less and less to lose.

This time, I am starting at 220, so I am still 40 lbs ahead of last time. I will need to focus on walking a lot, like I did before.

So, this week, I am going to eat right for all my meals, and have 1 day to have whatever I want.

I also need to work on my goals for 2012….the things I want to accomplish.

I would like my first goal to be 199….and able to exercise comfortably. I have all my old exercise tapes and DVD’s. I am going to aim for a 2 lb per week weight loss….so my goal date for 199 is March 15th. (I am giving myself a little wiggle room, because I know I don’t lose weight consistently)

I’ve had a few complications lately, I’ve had my gall bladder taken out, and I’m going through the beginnings of menopause. Both make sleeping through the night a challenge.

I am a little ashamed and embarrassed that I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to before…I have a stable home environment now, and I’ve had a number of positive changes in my life. I feel like I have something I’ve never had before. Someone who loves me the way I love them.

♥♥Thank You Baby, you make everything I do worthwhile! ♥♥



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