Somehow, Somewhere…

Blogging for me has always been easy. I just open up the laptop, write what’s on my mind, spell check it, and I’m done. When I “have to” write a blog….thats when it becomes hard.

I’ve been trying to think about a blog post summing up 2011, and I have been sitting in front of the computer. Staring at it staring back at me…flashing its little prompt….that little irritating prompt.

That’s when I decided that this just wasnt my subject.

I don’t get tongue-tied, nor do i get writers block. Only famous people get that. Especially when they have to balance what they say to what they feel they are allowed to say.

So, here it is. 2011 is in its last hours, minutes, seconds….and I don’t regret a single moment of it! For all the things I did, for the things I did and apologised for later, for all the things I chickened out of doing….2011 is what it is.

To my honey, the reason I get up everyday…I love you more today than yesterday, but less than I will tomorrow.

To everyone else, my friends, my twitter friends, my blog friends, my IRL friends…I wish you all this feeling that I have right now. The feeling of gratitude for all the lessons learned in the last year. The feeling of incredible love I have for Isabelle. The feeling that somehow, somewhere, I must have done something to deserve having this amazing woman in my life. That she chose me, still knocks me out at the knees and leaves me wondering what I did to deserve her.


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