Say I’ve Had a Hard Time….

Well, that would be an understatement.

While I started this health journey because I felt alone in my relationship with Nancy, I met someone along the way who was struggling with the demon too. I didn’t feel alone anymore.

I knew that I wanted to reach my goal, and it helped to have someone, while not by my side, at the other end of the phone…the next tweet, the next text. My secondary goal was to be with someone who loved me for who I was, and deep into this involvement, I was alone again.

Now I have someone who takes my breath away every time I see her, who fills my heart with joy and who makes me want to be the best I can be.

I have let myself slip….back dangerously close to what I was physically…and that is affecting my head, my thoughts, my everything. I feel less secure, less self-confidence…and I need to get that back.

Like a few of my friends, my pants are getting uncomfortable…and I just want to cry most of the time.

I need help to do this again. Payday, I’m going to start with a fitbit…


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