Education by Any Means Possible


I’ve seen and heard many things in the last few days that have stuck in my mind…just like the important stuff is supposed to…

I watched Jane Fonda’s interview on Oprah’s Master Series today. She said something profound about herself after her mother died. She said that children create what they need to get by, for example, she put up an emotional wall to help her deal with the pain. The downside is that it took her 60 years to break down the wall and realize that emotions aren’t the enemy.

I think I have been going through that for the last year or so. While I still don’t like crying in front of anyone, I am getting better at dealing with what is upsetting me.

I used to fill my life with exercise and I was completely focused on food, and now that my life has opened up I need to find a way to meld the two.

We went to see The Vow today. I have never had a movie affect me that way before. That was a ‘2 box of kleenex’ movie….It terrified me that someday Isabelle could forget who I was. It made me so sad that I just couldn’t stand it!


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